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Learning that lasts a lifetime !

Since 1982

For over thirty years, Riverview Montessori has been providing an enriched learning environment for children ages three through kindergarten.


The Montessori method is designed to enhance all aspects of development, to allow children to progress at their own pace, and foster a love of learning.


In our warm, caring environment, children develop social skills, good work habits, independence, self-confidence, and a respect for others and their surroundings.

Our Mission

Our goal at Riverview Montessori is to foster a lifelong love of learning and to prepare children for success in a variety of life settings.  Our highly trained, calm, caring teachers guide the children in the exploration and manipulation of classroom equipment, and encourage individualized learning and independent choice-making based on the child’s inner needs and developmental level.  Each child learns differently from the next, and Riverview Montessori’s environment recognizes each child as an individual.
At Riverview Montessori, respect for the child and for the child’s work is an integral component.  Mixed age groups provide opportunities for peer guidance as older children assist and act as role models for younger children.  In this child-centered approach to learning, children work side by side on activities they choose, developing social skills, self-confidence, concentration, and a love of learning.

Meet the Teachers

One of Riverview Montessori’s strongest assets is its highly qualified, dedicated, and caring staff.  Parents consistently praise Riverview Montessori staff on their efforts and positive contributions to their childrens’ lives.  Riverview Montessori has trained, experienced staff, and all teachers have their Montessori Teacher diploma.



Both our morning English and afternoon Early Start French Montessori Kindergarten Programs are accredited by the Manitoba Department of Education.  The programs exceed provincial curriculum standards and offer enriched learning experiences through the Montessori Method and smaller class size.


Our Music Program is about enjoying and experiencing music as a class.  Montessori educator Zan May, a certified Orff instructor, leads the children through singing, moving, listening, and playing instruments.  The Orff approach compliments the Montessori method of learning by sequential mastery of new skills.

Musical concepts of rhythm, pitch, melody, and dynamics are gradually introduced and are developed using speech rhythm patterns, singing, body percussion, listening, body movement, and playing instruments.  In addition, the music centre in our multi-purpose room offers children the opportunity to enjoy and play musical instruments whenever they choose.


In addition to our Early Start French Kindergarten program, French instruction is provided for all children at the school at least one morning per week. The French program exposes children to basic French vocabulary, music, and culture in a small group setting.


Riverview Montessori encourages and fosters the education of children with special needs.  The school is eligible for funding from Manitoba Family Services to hire fully trained Inclusion Support staff to work with children with additional support needs.  Although there are variations from year to year, enrollment of children with additional support needs ranges from 5% to 10% of students.




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